Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Military style fitness program

Modeled after military fitness methods will press our workouts to the next level, the you of the best full-body training you've ever had.

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Office fitness: your computer exercise reminder, specific exercises

No "desk potatoes" stay fit, while you're at your computer work! Exercise reminder pops up at the chosen type scheduled times with specific exercises for the branch in your choice of exercises, even your own. Get up and move to stay happy, healthy and fit!

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Power golf fitness

The original power golf fitness-program. 75% Commission of affiliates. Check out http://www.powergolffitness.com/affiliates/home.ht ml

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Marine style fitness

Get in shape with a former Navy! Our fitness training was Navy fitness style and can be performed at home with minimal equipment. Workouts a week added. Our system offers real fitness with real results!

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A personalized online fitness coaching program

A personalized online fitness coaching program from a certified fitness professional with 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. The program includes a meal plan, a training program, monitored progress and e-Mail support.

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Speed Bag Cotter Pin Swivel (EA)

Speed Bag Cotter Pin Swivel (EA)New cotter pin makes changing bags easy Triple chrome plated heavy duty steel for extra long durability Lightning fast for pro use Sealed inner ball-bearing make for super quiet and efficient action


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